Wedding Songs Tailored For Your Special Day

You will help select and make a play list for your special day. There is a one hr sample play to show dinner dance samples. or call 305 927 0848. ID Tags are used during sets to promote the Genre and service of this DJ. 

Wedding Events

Wedding Experience


I will provide  you with the best wedding musical experience of your life.  You will help choose what music and artists you would like to hear all the way from the dinner to the dance floor.  I have over 1 Million songs that we can choose from.  This is your special day, and I am here to make it even more special for you.

Anniversaries Graduations

Music Just For Your Event


I can provide the best and most enjoying music for your anniversary, graduation or other mile stepping point event in your life.  Our music is always tailored to your needs.  I will make your event the most memorable that one can even imagine.   For bookings call 305 927 0848 or email